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A carefully selected organization of elite personnel, KCC's team members have proudly worn many different badges: those of law enforcement, military, and government intelligence.  Now, that aggregate experience is focused on another emblem forged from achievement, character and impeccable reputation.

KCC's business is security.  We assess risk.  We gather information.  We craft strategies and implement processes to protect the lives and business concerns of our clients.  In a high stakes occupation such as ours, client satisfaction is synonymous with "peace of mind."  The knowledge that personal safety and assets are secure allows our clients to concentrate their energies on intended purposes.  We pride ourselves on the flexibility to adapt to situations as unique and diverse as our clients -- celebrities, political leaders, and large corporations all.   Learn more about our Core Services.


Managing events so that they are, in essence, non-eventful, we mitigate threat through strategy, preparation and methodical execution.

Creating intricate blueprints for security systems that protect physical and intellectual assets, KCC offers a spectrum of solutions involving technology & personnel.

As licensed detectives and researchers, our investigators gather the information our clients need to make decisions in corporate and personal matters.

Detector dogs are the most effective tools for locating and deterring the presence of contraband as well as tracking missing persons.

Data is a valued commodity. We both procure information for clients and protect it from unauthorized access via the construction of secure systems.

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