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Whether cloaking our clients in anonymity or enabling them to stand secure in the public spotlight, KCC manages events so that they become, in essence, non-events.  We mitigate threat through strategy, preparation, and methodical execution.

Our Executive Protection team merges intellectual and physical conditioning as a result of professional training.  We recruit from both the military and law enforcement - professionals with a depth of experience in providing security for government officials and civilians alike.  Our team members are trained in areas as diverse as diplomatic protection, area protection, counter-intelligence, emergency driving, jet evacuation techniques, CPR, and First Aid.

Capabilities include:

  • Executive / Diplomatic Protection by Trained Law Enforcement Officers

  • Experienced, Tactically Trained Drivers

  • Advanced Covert Communication Equipment

  • Enhanced, Specialized, Luxurious Security Vehicles

  • Centralized Office Command and Control

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